IMPORTANT : We thank you for navigating to the Infinity Foundation India Donate (IFI) page. Your support is vital and crucial for our operations. However, if you are not India based and want to support our activities, please revert to the Infinity Foundation Donate page and support Infinity Foundation USA, our affiliate. IFI, the India entity does not have FCRA clearance and hence CANNOT accept foreign donations. Donations to us have to have their origin in Indian accounts. If you intend the transaction to be completely India based, please continue on this page, else please donate to IF USA. Your support is valued whether it is made to the India entity or to our US affiliate. Thank you for your cooperation.


Thank you for donating to Infinity Foundation India (IFI).

IFI has got 80G approval from Income Tax Authorities. This means that our donors in India can claim tax exemption against 80G, for any donation.

In this regards please note the Unique Registration No.: AABTI3519D/05/16-17/T-2081/80G. Date of the order: 30th March 2017.

Options for donations to Infinity Foundation India:

1. Online Payment using Debit / Credit Card / Net Banking / Wallet

Please fill in your details and click "Donate" Button.

Note: You will have to enter details again on the CC Avenues page. Ensure that you enter all details fully, including Zip Code (This is same as Pin Code).

Please note that the automatic receipt generated after you make a donation has all the requisite details to claim your tax exemption for Income Tax. However, if you require a receipt from us anyway, please write separately to requesting for the receipt once more. Please also mention details of your donation or attach a screenshot for ready reference. IFI hands out hand written receipts only on specific requests.

2. Wire Transfer / Internet Banking (Transfer through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS):

Donations for Infinity Foundation India can be sent to:

Account name: Infinity Foundation India
Bank: Bank of Baroda
Branch: Alwarpet, Chennai
Type of account: Savings account
Account number: 12810100012575

If you are using this option to make your donation, it is mandatory that you drop a mail to id if you want your tax exemption receipt. IFI DOES NOT get your contact details from the bank when you make your donation via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS and therefore cannot issue receipt unless notified. When corresponding with us, please mention details of your transaction or enclose a screenshot so that we can verify at our end. If using Option 1 above, please note that you get an automatic receipt for your donation and you do not need to request us for it again.

For any further queries please mail us on